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At ServiceScaler, we receive a lot of enquiries daily surrounding IT, our products and services as well as general tech safety. Therefore, we thought we would combine these into a list of frequently asked questions and address them in one place for your convenience.


What services do you offer?

We offer services that are tailored to meet the needs of your legal practice. We understand how critical it is to ensure that billable staff have systems enabled that allow them to work productively with minimal downtime. We offer 24/7 support across a multitude of channels, as well as software solutions, management and procurement. You can read more in-depth about these here.

How do you charge your clients?

We do not use fixed-fee managed IT service agreements. We offer hybrid agreements, where you pay a low-cost fee for the ‘managed’ part of the service, and then you only pay for the support you consume. This saves our clients paying for IT expenditure that they do not use but still allows them access to our professional IT services. You can read more about the way we charge here.

What do I need to do about the LEAP system update requirements?

Effective from the 24th of November 2020, LEAP will no longer support perpetually licensed versions of Microsoft Office and all new installations of LEAP must have Microsoft 365 Apps installed for their integrations to be supported. ServiceScaler will be working alongside our current customers to ensure they are using the Microsoft 365 Apps that will continue to be supported by LEAPContact us at ServiceScaler and we can take the stress out of updating your systems for you. We are currently offering a standardised package for law firms that will grant you access to turn-key Microsoft 365 Migrations from $3600. We will take care of the implementation process and following the initial set up, you will have access to ServiceScalers 24/7 IT support services. Check out more details about this package here.

What hardware devices do we recommend for law firms?

We believe the best way to modernise your firm is by upgrading to using Microsoft Surfaces, as they are built to address even the most complex hardware requirements in your practice. We will scope your IT requirements and evaluate which device from the Surface range would be the most appropriate for meeting the needs of your firm. Not only will we supply products, but ServiceScaler will also leave you equipped with the best software and accessories as well as providing the implementation and ongoing support you need. You can read more about the Surface collection here.


Should I confirm a callers identity?

Yes! Phone-based scams are becoming increasingly prevalent in the tech industry and we recommend that you ALWAYS check the identity of ‘technical staff’ on the other end of the phone. Our best tip for this is to confirm the name of the caller, and the company they are calling from. Following this, you can hang up, dial their main number and ask to be transferred back to the original caller. Keep in mind not to ask for the company phone number from the caller, as they can easily access this information from any businesses website. We have more tips on how to confirm the identity of a caller here.

How do I know if a QR code is safe to scan?

QR codes- we’ve been seeing them everywhere lately. We have an entire webinar dedicated to cyber safety where we discuss all things URL’s, QR codes and much more. We recommend using the app Trend Micro QR Scanner as it shows you the full URL of the website the code is taking you to, so you can that check it’s legitimate before you open the link. You can check out the webinar episode on QR code safety here.

Does my firm need multifactor authentications?

We recognise that traditional authentication methods (single password logins) are the weakest link in computer network and application security. It is of utmost importance to us that firms are not exposed to an increased risk of loss, theft or manipulation of client(s), financial and operational data. Therefore we offer a simple, yet capable mobile app that features multi-factor authentication solutions which can protect your entire network and data. You can learn more about our app here.


How do I know which Office 365 Program to use?

Contact us for a consultation to discuss the way your firm functions and our IT engineers will recommend you the version they deem most appropriate. Typically, most legal practices will operate on the Business Premium edition of Microsoft Office 365. This is a subscription-based version that’s hosted in Microsoft’s cloud. Business Premium gives you access to SharePoint and Teams- our favourite online storage and communication resources. We offer Office 365 integration because when firms sign up themselves and must complete their user creation, email migration and software installation themselves, it can be complicated and creates unnecessary risk because the default configuration allows users almost unrestricted access to create content and libraries across the O365 platform. You can read more about our turn-key O365 packages here.

What digital dictation solutions do you offer?

At ServiceScaler, we recognised that most legal dictation and transcription devices do not maximise the capability of modern cloud-based speech technology solutions. Traditional Dictaphones and docking stations have many limitations, and so to address these, we introduced a digital dictation solution, a mobile app which allows you to record dictations and have them be stored directly to the software in the cloud. Our secure, subscription-based cloud dictation software also features built-in workflow capability to assign and send dictations to typists or transcription software that are authenticated to the system from any location, at any time, giving complete flexibility and scalability to the solution. We have more information about our digital dictation software here.

What is your modern Scan to Matter solution?

Service Scalers Scan to Matter solution works by using the API (Application Programming Interface) of your Practice Management System to retrieve the list of open matters to present to you on your photocopiers screen via the device embedded software. Once selected, the photocopier will scan your document, clean up the image, make it text searchable, and attach it to the matter through the same API. This function can also be used to create disbursement entry should it be required. You can read more about our Scan to Matter solution here.

There you have it! These are the answers to our top ten most burning questions! Let us know what you would like us to address next, and we will have answers to you promptly.

ServiceScaler works exclusively with law firms and legal practices Australia wide to guide them through their technology journey. We specialise in IT systems and technology for law firms, providing strategic advice and consulting to firms to ensure they are making the most of their technology investments. If you feel that your firm could improve its use of technology then contact ServiceScaler for catered solutions for your business.

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