Our Services


Our Services

Our services are tailored to the needs of the moderns legal firm. We understand that it is critical that billable staff have systems that enable them to keep working and minimise downtime.


  • Help when you needed it
  • Phone / Chat / Email / Portal
  • Legal Application Specialists
  • 24/7 Monitoring


  • Practice Management
  • Best practice frameworks
  • Digital transformation
  • Work from anywhere


  • Monthly reports for humans
  • Asset management
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Staff Training


  • Computers and laptops
  • Software and licenses
  • Printers and scanners
  • Internet and phone

Making IT Management Easy

We always hear people say that they want technology ”to just work”. That is what we do, we make sure that technology is working for a firm and not against it. We keep things simple so you don’t need a PhD to understand reports or solutions.


Why Firms Work With Us

We are dedicated to your success and our services are all build around the needs of a modern law firm. Some of the key reasons why our clients choose to work with us are


We speak your language

We know that you should not need an IT degree to use technology. We implement solutions that are easy to use and explain concepts without all of the technical jargon. Firms just want their technology top work, not make more work for them. Want to talk about scanning into your practice management system,improving the capture of disbursement or meeting your PEXA or Lawcover security requirements, no problems, we are already on top of that.

Only pay for what you use

All law firms are unique and have different requirements from their technology. Our services is based around the premise that you should only have to pay for the support and solutions you actually need. By operating a best practice framework for service management and a shared responsibility model we can free up the operating budget to implement solutions to make the firm more profitable or staff more productive.


Reports for humans

We know that your time is important and how confusing an technical report can be. Our reports are written for humans, not engineers so they are easy to understand and just include the information you need to make educated business descisions. If you ever need more details for a board meeting, just let us know and we can prepare a more detailsed report for you.

Sleep easy at night

We monitor you devices and network 24/7 to detect any potential failures that could cause an outage so they can be resolved before they cause staff downtime. Our priority is to make sure that yiour fee earners can keep billing by making sure the IT systems are available when they need them. We deploy a ServiceBrick device to each office location without a server to monitor and manage the local network.


We are in this together

We operate a shared responsibility model, so we take on as much of the support requests as you want us to. If you want to reset users passwords yourself or order your own hardware, that is fine by us. If you want us to take on all IT responsibilities and all first level requests from staff, then we can take care of that as well. Engage with the service team over email,web portal, phone, chat or SMS. Our communication channels are build with our customers in mind because you may not always be at your desk when you need support.

Implement a best practice framework

It can be hard to keep up with changes in technology. We apply a best practive frameworks to make sure your firm is secure and operating at its best. Wether it be passwords, practice management systems, asset replacements or dictation we make sure your systems are supported, secure and perform at their best.


Let's work together

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