Everything You Need To Know About MX Records


Hi! Steven from ServiceScaler here. Today I’ll be running you through some FAQ’s we receive surrounding MX records.

What is an MX Record?

Mail Exchange (MX) records are records that run behind the scenes when emails are sent and received, pushing the email from one domain to the domain where it needs to be delivered.

What does an MX Record do?

The MX record tells your mail service where to send the mail. It will confirm whether it needs to go to Microsoft or Google to find an email address.

How many MX Records can I set up?

Each domain can only have 1 MX record at a time, allowing mail to only be delivered to that one service. So, if you have multiple mail accounts using the same domain, you will find that only one of those services is actually receiving and sending mail.

What do I do if I have multiple email services set up?

If you have multiple services set up you need to decide which service you prefer and get your MX record updated to that service. You may also need to get any data and additional email addresses moved to the new service.

Why do MX records matter?

An incorrectly configured MX record can impact mail delivery and subsequently your businesses ability to generate business. Additionally, if you are paying for two domains but only one is working, you are wasting money.

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