Getting ahead while working remotely


Do you feel like you’re playing an analogue game on a digital field?

How can firms get ahead in a remote worker landscape, and how can law firms get ahead, or stay on top, in an environment where everyone is forced to work from home?

The first thing to consider is that your market has changed. Previously, physical location was a drawcard to attracting and retaining business. With everyone being forced to engage with businesses remotely, this benefit is no longer applicable as consumers can now get an equivalent service from a provider anywhere in the country.

To overcome this challenge, law firms need to consider online buying behaviour, and what drives a consumer to choose an online service provider, which is what you have recently become.

Here are five online buyer behaviours to consider:

  1. They have a short attention span (Too easy to click away and find a competitor)
  2. They expect you to be everywhere online (To have a credible online brand)
  3. They like visuals (A picture tells a thousand words and saves reading)
  4. Transparent fees and pricing (No hidden or ambiguous costs)
  5. They will research (Provide them enough to make a purchase decision)

The challenge for many firms now, is that their traditional way of conducting business is almost the opposite of what online buyers require. Online buying is highly transactional, whereas traditional legal service providers are relationship based.

Here are our five suggestions for ways you can position your law firm in an online marketplace to attract and retain business, both throughout the pandemic situation and beyond:

  1. Get your website setup with pages for each of your service offerings. Ensure they contain all relevant information including pricing, why they should choose you, how to buy from you, and how you intend engage with them. Have a simple call to action to drive their enquiry and follow up the instant you receive it, as you likely won’t be the only one to receive an enquiry.

  2. Get all your social media pages running. Ensure your team members and staff are on there to show strength in numbers, and post content that shows a potential buyer who you are, and what you can do. Advertising on these platforms may also be valuable.

  3. Use a graphic artist or designer to create some punchy images that convey your message and brand. Video content can help here as well as it is engaging. Ensure you have the text content available on the site for those who like reading, and for text indexing in search engines so your site can be found.

  4. Provide transparent and simple pricing. You need to be simple to buy from, and without the relevant information being made available to a potential buyer, they will go elsewhere. You don’t have the luxury of relationship building and negotiation of cost agreement in an online transaction.

  5. Give them the information they need. It doesn’t need to be the first thing they read, but it should be something they can read if they choose to. A purchase decision is emotional, followed by rationalisation. If you can provide enough information to rationalise the purchase, you will likely receive the enquiry.

By pivoting your firm to become an online service provider, you can both capitalise on a current market opportunity, and position your firm as a nationwide digital legal services firm into the future.

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