How to Simplify your Digital Workflow


Drowning in paperwork? Not sure where that last matter went?

According to Gartner, employees waste 20-30% of their working week managing printed documents. And with wasted time, there is wasted resources. Not to mention the astronomical cost of printing and storage.

What you need is software that will process all your information back into one central location for simplified functionality.

Sounds good? We have two words for you. Digital workflow.

Having a digital workflow would eliminate everything your firm does on paper- you name it- and it can be digitized across your devices and accessible at your fingertips.

This ensures information is up to date and available, encourages employee independence without reliance on others and data is stored online, allowing for automatic reports and reminders.

But what program do you need to make this achievable?

Power Automate. Microsoft’s powerful built in-service engine. Power Automate allows you to automate your workflow by enabling business logic to simplify app building and model your processes across connected data sources and services.

Within your firm it would allow you to:

  • Access and share business data with ease,
  • Streamline everyday tasks,
  • Improve productivity and
  • Collaborate on a Common Data Model

That’s great, how do we get it?

Many IT providers would be able to quickly sell you software that promises workflow automation, only to leave you to figure out the rest on your own. This is unlike us here at ServiceScaler, where we will nurture you throughout the entire workflow automation process. From your initial consultation to implementation, plus ongoing support, we will take care of your firm.

We are a friendly team of software engineers that specialise in legal technology, and we can offer tailored solutions that meet your individual needs. Email us to find out more about what we can do for your firm.

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