How To Wrap Up Work Before Christmas


As we begin to wrap up 2020, there are a couple of things you could be doing to ensure you enter the new year as productive as ever. Today we’ve come up with a short list of tasks that completion of will allow you to properly put your mind to rest during the break and then come back readier to work than ever.

1. Set goals for 2021

What does your workplace want to achieve and how can you contribute to making this happen? This can be a great opportunity to collaborate with your co-workers to figure out how you can leverage each of their strengths to make your goals a reality. Every goal can have a different timeline, but no matter when in the new year you wish to achieve it, it will feel fantastic to tick off.

2. Check your backups

There would be absolutely nothing worse than coming back into the office to find that all of your storage was lost over the holidays. [Check that your backups](How to check that your backups are really working ( are working so that you don’t find yourself stuck in this conundrum. Additionally, checking that your cybersecurity is up to date wouldn’t hurt either! If you struggle with doing either of these, contact your IT provider, they are experts in this stuff.

3. Organise your inbox

Now is the perfect time to unsubscribe to that spam you’ve been receiving, check over all the flagged emails and make sure you haven’t missed anything important and of course look over your mail Calendar to make sure you are aware of any events coming up in January. This means you can complete any final tasks and come back to the office with a clean slate.

4. Reset your passwords

It sounds silly- but it is so easy to forget your logins and passwords over the break! The last thing you want to do is come into work and get locked out of your computer on day one. Resetting your password to something unique and strong will make it more memorable and make you less susceptible to hacking.

5. Make a to-do list

Writing a to-do list will free your mind from all the tasks you know you need to start working on as soon as you get back to work. We like using Microsoft Planner, so you can arrange your tasks into categories with deadlines on them. This means you won’t come back to work and forget what projects need starting- they will be laid out in orderly lists.

6. Tidy your desk

Organising your workspace may seem like a chore now, but you’ll be so grateful you did when you aren’t welcomed back into the office by a stack of papers waiting for you on your desk. While you’re cleaning, the office fridge could probably use a wipe down too.

7. Be prepared for computer updates

During your time away from the office while your computer is shut down, a range of security and software updates will likely be released. Be prepared for these on your return, as they will try to deploy to your computer as soon as you turn it on. This may be disruptive on your first day back, but a neccessary evil to protect your device and information assets. You can avoid all of this by being on a managed IT service with ServiceScaler of course. Send us an enquiry to find out more.

8. Touch base with key contacts

Those work contacts you’ve been meaning to reach out to; check in on them and let them know you’d like to join forces more next year. A great place to do this is on LinkedIn- we’d love to connect with you! While you’re at it, you should also let your clients know about your office closure dates by setting up your inbox to give automated replies which inform people when you’ll be back.

From the team here at ServiceScaler, we hope you have a safe holidays and we send our best wishes for 2021.

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