Should law firms use Teams Calling?


You are likely familiar with Microsoft Teams - the internal office communication chatroom. But are you familiar with Teams Calling? Teams Calling is a feature within Teams that can manage voice and media communication. Meaning that Teams Calling, you can make and answer phone calls from any device that supports Microsoft Teams.

But… I can already call people on Teams?

Yes, but those calls are only with people who have downloaded the Teams application. With Teams Calling, you are assigned a phone number, and you can make outbound (and receive) calls with your number, regardless of whether the other user is using Teams or not- just like a traditional SIM.

Teams Calling is the perfect solution for legal practices. Because whether your lawyers or team be in the office, working from home, on the go or in the courthouse, they can pick up their phone and keep working.

Teams Calling poses multiple benefits:
  • Both parties don’t require Teams just to make a call
  • No need to go off platform to a personal mobile number or Zoom

#######Plus the added level of professionalism with:

  • Music on hold
  • Call forwarding
  • Call transferring
  • Group calls
  • Simultaneous ringing

Looking for a secure, simple and smart calling experience?

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