The 101 on Switching Practice Management Systems


Ready to implement new Practice Management Software?

Let’s start with a basic overview: What is Practice Management Software (PMS), and why is it so important?

Legal specific Practice Management Software is for efficiently managing legal practices and law firms. Its core purpose is to streamline administrative tasks, document and matter management, simplify invoices and billing, and manage client relationships and records.

Modern PMSs are generally cloud-based. Legal practitioners must be able to seamlessly integrate any new or existing software so that they have all the tools they need to run an efficient practice at their immediate disposal.

Popular PMS vendors available in Australia include:

  • LEAP
  • Actionstep
  • PracticeEvolve
  • Moxtra
  • LawMaster
  • App4Legal
  • BQE Core Suite
  • Matters.Cloud
  • Clio

If you’ve already selected which new PMS you’ll be using (whether you’re switching from one to another, or just getting started), then congratulations, because half your battle is over.

But before anything gets locked in, let’s go over a checklist of questions you need to discuss with your new vendor to ensure that your implementation runs smoothly:

  1. How do you ensure the secure migration of our data from our existing solution?
  2. Do you provide training materials and workshops for our staff to ensure they understand how to efficiently use, and manage your software?
  3. Will we be able to access your PMS on installed only devices, or simply login from any location (such as from our lawyer’s phones when attending court and on the go?)
  4. Which of our existing applications can be integrated (Cost Recovery for Print, Microsoft 365 etc) and who is responsible for executing this?

At ServiceScaler, we understand that all you fundamentally want is one standalone, intelligent, easy-to-use system that enables you to run your practice efficiently and work from anywhere.

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