ServiceScaler eSigning Automation reaches Beta


ServiceScaler are pleased to announce that our eSigning Automation solution for law firms and legal practices is now in software beta.

Software beta refers to a piece of software that has been developed, and is now in the hands of a limited number of end users for testing and trialling of the system.

The eSigning Automation platform simply automates certain steps within the business process for law firms who get documents signed electronically. With the current COVID-19 pandemic still in full swing, the need for electronic signing of documents to avoid physical interactions has become the go-to way of getting documents executed.

The increased burden of processing documents this way is related to the steps in the business process to ensure the document has been executed, filed, and disbursed correctly.

The eSigning Automation system by ServiceScaler seeks to eliminate some of the manual steps in the process by connecting popular signing platforms like DocuSign, HelloSign and SignNow directly to practice management software such as ActionStep, LEAP, Lexis Affinity, Practice Evolve, FilePro and others in Australian law firms and legal practices.

By connecting the systems together, there becomes a pathway to complete functions or tasks within the business process automatically, pushing and pulling data and documents between the systems on triggers.

For example, once a document is signed electronically, a copy of the document with the digital signature becomes available for download. Legal support staff or practitioners then have to download a copy of the document (And the certificate validating the signature is authentic and genuine) from the esigning software, then upload this into the practice management system matter file, and create a disbursement or cost recovery entry manually to compete the process.

The eSigning Automation system from ServiceScaler eliminates this requirement, automatically downloading the signed document and signing certificate, and publishing it to the correct matter in the practice management or document management system. On posting the document successfully, it will automatically create a disbursement entry against the matter for the cost recovery of the electronic signing.

Other benefits of this system is that it means the firm will never miss attaching a document or disbursement to the matter again, and it will save the time of processing of this information by support staff or fee earners.

To find out more about the system or request a trial, feel free to reach out to the team at ServiceScaler to see if you are eligible for our beta program. / (02) 9146 6339

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