ServiceScaler Launches New Cost Recovery For Print Solution


At ServiceScaler we understand what a challenge it is for law firms to gather enough accurate printing data in the granular detail required to meet cost disclosure requirements. Often, this means that they bear print costs themselves because disbursing them back to their clients is too much hassle.

That’s why we’re here to launch our latest solution, Cost Recovery For Print.

View the Cost Recovery For Print image brochure here.

What is Cost Recovery For Print?

Purchasing our Cost Recovery For Print means that you will have the opportunity to meet with one of our legal technology consulants, where they will determine the most effective way to deliver the desired solution that meets your firms specific needs. Then our engineers will set up print tracking software on all of the devices in your firm so their is visibility across your entire teams printing provisions. Next, we can customise our solution for to meet any specific requirements and provide a training session to ensure all users understand how to use the delivered solution.

Can we see an example?

Sure! Here is two separate case studies from firms we’ve delivered this solution with:

What will the Cost Recovery For Print journey look like?

  1. Register your interest - fill out basic details about your firm, and we will send you a book form,
  2. We will have a consultation - whether onsite or remotely, we will go through your existing systems and evaluate the best way to deliver your print solution,
  3. Time for delivery - we will configure the print software on all of your firms devices in such a way that meets the specifc needs of your firm,
  4. Questions - We will provide your firm with a FAQ’s/ training workshop to ensure all staff understand how to efficiently use and manage print tracking software.

How much does it cost?

Prices start from $3978 ex GST, dependent on the size of your firm.

Why should you use independent technology consultants?

You’re the experts in legal. We’re the experts in legal technology. Here is a list of reasons why outsourcing consultancy from ServiceScaler is in the best interest of your firm:

-Our senior, qualified staff have over ten years of experience in the legal technology and business sectors,

-We focus on delivering actionable advice versus justifying the latest technologies,

-We have a strong portfolio of clients we’ve worked with or are reaching their goals,

-You can receive consultancy from ServiceScaler without committing to any of our recommendations,

-Our objective recommendations focus exclusively on your firms goals.

What are you waiting for?

Register your interest in our Cost Recovery For Print solution here.

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