ServiceScaler now a LEAP IT Partner


ServiceScaler is now a LEAP Certified IT Parter in the LEAP AU Partner Network, and a Proud Partner of LEAP Legal Software

LEAP recognises its IT Partners as being able to deliver IT services, including hardware and network infrastructure that meet the requirements of a modern law firm using LEAP software.

To ensure LEAP IT Partners are able to provide the highest quality services to thier clients, they are also provided access to technical resources and information that is not available to general IT providers.

The team at ServiceScaler have extensive experience with LEAP software, including experience with LEAP 2003, LEAP Office v10, LEAP 365, and third-party LEAP integrated software solutions.

IT services and solutions we provide include;

  1. Scalable managed IT service agreements including helpdesk
  2. Proactive IT system maintenance
  3. LEAP IT Support
  4. Computer and laptop hardware
  5. Network and security hardware
  6. Anti-virus software
  7. Backup and disaster recovery solutions
  8. Software licences
  9. Printers and scanners
  10. Dictation and transcription software
  11. Microsoft 365 including SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive
  12. Websites
  13. Cost Recovery Software

If you are LEAP user seeking a LEAP certified IT provider for your law firm or legal practice that provides more than just IT services, then contact the team at ServiceScaler today.

Who is LEAP?


LEAP practice management software grew from the belief that legal practitioners should have a fast and easy way to manage matter documents, accounting and billing, so they can focus on practicing law.

Today, LEAP is the world’s largest provider of legal practice management software for small law firms. We have over 11, 000 clients across Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Since 1992, firms have relied on LEAP to provide innovative and powerful software to simplify their daily operations. We take this responsibility seriously and dedicate approximately $8 million dollars each year to product development. It’s no wonder our client base is still growing.

Because LEAP is cloud-based, we can offer revolutionary features like the LEAP mobile app which allows teams to access their LEAP data anywhere at anytime.

Our library of over 10,000 automated forms and precedents are regularly updated for all areas of law, and purpose-built for Australia’s state and federal jurisdictions.

We’re passionate about improving LEAP which is why we encourage and welcome feedback from our clients to ensure our software is cutting edge and easy to use. Our goal is to empower small law firms to make more money and provide better service to their clients.

Let the LEAP team assist you in streamlining your firm’s administrative processes, so you can focus on what you do best - practicing law.

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