ServiceScaler now a Surface for Business partner


In line with our commitment to simplifying and consolidating technology systems, ServiceScaler have recently become a Microsoft Surface for Business Partner. This enables the ServiceScaler team to sell and support Microsoft Surface hardware and peripherals for its customers, to accompany the Microsoft 365 suite it has traditionally sold and supported.

ServiceScaler Business Development Manager, Rob Dawson, says that the Microsoft hardware line up perfectly reflects the needs of modern law firms, and can be easily deployed to our customers Australia wide.

“The Surface range of hardware from Microsoft has reached a maturity point where it provides the depth in range required for the modern workplace to consider it as an enterprise wide solution. Unlike previous generations of the Surface line, you can now source a Surface product that will reflect the needs of an entire workforce, rather than subsets of a workforce where a Surface product was appropriate historically” Rob says.

Some inclusions in the Surface line up are:

Surface Pro 7 - for those seeking a device that can be both a tablet and a laptop
Surface Book 3 - for those who want the complete laptop convertible feel
Surface Laptop - for those looking for a powerful, pure laptop experience
Surface Pro X - for those in the field requiring 4G support
Surface Go - for the true Windows tablet experience
Surface Studio - the all-in-one desktop offering for those needing serious desktop power

Also available to ServiceScaler customers are the genuine Microsoft peripherals and accessories to compliment your Surface device:

Surface Pro Signature Type Cover and Surface Pro Type Cover
Surface Arc Mouse, Surface Mobile Mouse and Surface Mouse
Surface Slim Pen and Surface Pen
Surface Headphones and Surface Earbuds
Surface Dock 2, and Microsoft Travel Hub
Surface Keyboard
Surface Dial
Surface Adapters and Cables

ServiceScaler intends to make the Surface line of products its “go-to” recommendation for desktop and laptop hardware in a bid to standardise its offering to clients. Key advantages for clients who move to standard operating environments include a reduction in cost to deploy, configure, maintain, support and manage computer fleets.

To learn more about the Surface range of products, feel free to reach out to the team at ServiceScaler who can assist you to make the right decision on a Surface product. | (02) 9146 6339

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