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These case studies have been prepared to demonstrate the work we do for our clients. Please contact us if you would like any more information.

Mullane and Lindsay SpeechLive Case Study

How ServiceScaler leveraged Mullane and Lindsay's existing assets while switching Digital Dictation solutions.

How ServiceScaler Automated a Firms Sales Process to Streamline Matter Creation and Enquiry Conversion

Our client was seeking a solution that could manage their workflow from an initial prospect enquiry; through to the deliveryof a service. The solution had to be completely scalable to accommodate their growth aspirations, and automated enough to not require internal administrative overhead to drive the process.

How A Firm Leveraged Office 365 to Automate Cumbersome Practice Processes

Dundas Lawyers was frustrated by the amount of time being spent on task follow up and email communications internally. They were wasting time by manually assigning tasks by sending emails and adding follow ups in multiple places and using multiple external systems such as Asana.

How Implementing Print Tracking Software Turned a Cost Into a Revenue Source

Our client did not have adequate software in place that would allow them to accurately track their printing expenditure. They went to the market to research the availability of solutions but were not satisfied by the quotations provided for potential solutions from partners and manufacturers.

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