ServiceScaler Launches New 365 in Practice Plan


At ServiceScaler, it is becoming increasingly apparent that firms spend too much non-productive time sending emails, chasing follow-ups, scheduling and searching for files.

That’s why we’re here to launch our latest solution, 365 in Practice.

View the 365 in Practice image brochure here.

What is 365 in Practice?

A 365 in Practice Plan entitles your firm to a scoping session where ServiceScaler technology experts will go through a discovery process of your current technology systems. From here, we will calculate the steps needed to begin migrating your files to be stored efficiently in SharePoint. Once this is complete, we will start adding custom features, like automated workflows, and provide a training workshop for your firm.

What does ServiceScaler do differently?

Using a combination of Office 365 applications including SharePoint, Planner, Forms and Power Automate, ServiceScaler can configure your systems in a way designed to facilitate automated workflows in your legal practice. For example, we can use Microsoft Forms to configure a workflow that automates the steps involved from applying to approving a leave request. For your knowledge-based articles, we can configure a library which drives behaviour for them to move forward. This can mean tagging them as as a draft, pending, approved or published so everyone can see their current status. For your marketing calendar, we integrate Microsoft Planner to monitor a project’s status, delegate tasks and set the due dates with reminders accordingly.

What will it look like?

Click here to see ServiceScaler’s mockup interface that demonstrates how we can design your SharePoint. It’s fully customisable, so we can add all of the features that we recognise would be beneficial for your firm.

What does the 365 in Practice journey look like?

  1. Fill out this form and we will be in contact with a booking link to schedule your scoping session,
  2. Whether onsite or remotely, we will go through your existing systems and evaluate the best way to deliver your solution,
  3. We will then configure your systems to enable the implementation of digital workflows in your 365 tenant,
  4. We will provide your firm with a training workshop to ensure all staff understand how to efficiently use and manage digital workflows.

How much does 365 in Practice cost?

Prices start from $1680 ex GST, dependent on the size of your firm.

Why should you use independent technology consultants?

You’re the experts in legal. We’re the experts in legal technology. Here is a list of reasons why outsourcing consultancy from ServiceScaler is in the best interest of your firm:

-Our senior, qualified staff have over ten years of experience in the legal technology and business sectors,

-We focus on delivering actionable advice versus justifying the latest technologies,

-We have a strong portfolio of clients we’ve worked with or are reaching their goals,

-You can receive consultancy from ServiceScaler without committing to any of our recommendations,

-Our objective recommendations focus exclusively on your firms goals.

What are you waiting for?

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